Beware of deposits for bar hire

Our client has just informed us that they paid a deposit for a wedding bar hire, and the company will now not return phone calls.

So how can you prevent this happening? It is normal that mobile bar hire companies charge a deposit, this protects them against cancellations and losses due to lost or damaged glassware. But make sure this deposit is refundable and ensure you understand exactly what can be deducted from your deposit.

More important, you need to ensure that you are doing your due diligence on the mobile bar hire company. Before paying the deposit, follow these steps:-

1) you should ask for an invoice that will have the companies registered address on it.
2) check on companies house website what the registered address is for the company
3) Ask the company for a landline telephone number and call them on that number
4) Have a look on social media to identify if anyone else has had a problem with the company
5) Insure your event

When planning your wedding or party, every item is really expensive, so ensure you don’t make the mistake of losing any money on dodgy suppliers. Please call us for any advise, we are happy to help and will also expose companies!

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