How much does it cost to hire the Kombi Keg?

There are too many variables between the different events to list a fixed price. The following all have an influence on the price – event location, length of hire, how many kegs of beer or cider that you require etc. Please get in contact and we can work out the best package for your event.

What if I don’t like the beers you have listed on the side of the Kombi?

No problem. The beer badges that you see in the pictures are for show only. The Kombi Keg that you hire will have beer badges that match your selection.

Can the Kombi Keg dispense drinks other than beer?

Yes! Anything that comes in a liquid form can be served through the freezing cold taps of the Kombi Keg. Including water, Prosecco, Pimms, orange juice, soft drinks, ciders etc. You can even run your own home brew! If you are looking for bitters, this is restricted to bitters that are supplied in Kegs rather than casks as our system cannot work with casks unfortunately. We have a list of these so give us a call.

How many beers can be hooked up to the Camper Van at once?

We can hook 6 Kegs at once.

Do you supply the kegs and beer?

We will make the beer ordering and purchasing process super easy and pain free by either directing you to a brewer in your area who you can purchase the alcohol from, or we can supply the beer at a very competitive rate due to our ability to purchase at wholesale rates from suppliers. We also have half kegs (19L) that can be used for home brew, soft drink, juice and water. Just let us know when you book what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

Can I use home brew in the Kombi Keg?

Yes! We love a beer enthusiast and a good home brew. However, if you do want to use home brew then make sure you tell us when booking what type of kegs you are using (We need to make sure we bring the correct coupler). We will also need to know the quantity of kegs you plan to use.

Do I have to have the surfboard on the side? Are there other options?

The surfboard shelf is the original and classic bench of the Kombi Keg, but we understand that not everyone wants the surfboard and that some events, like weddings, prefer a classier option. Introducing the rustic wooden bench, please see our gallery for photos. When you book you can choose the shelf that best suits your event.

Do I need to supply power?

Yes please. You will need to supply 240v household power. In every Kombi Keg there is a 30m power extension lead. The TV can be used to display Logos / Photos / messages. If you are concerned about this let us know we may be able to provide a generator.

Do you supply pint glasses or cups?

We can supply glassware or good quality clear reusable plastic cups, if you would like these just let us know when you book. There will be a nominal charge for these.

How many Bar Staff would I need?

We suggest calculating the number of bar staff based on the number of guests, as a rough estimate we suggest one bar staff for every 50 guests.

What if I purchase the beer and there is beer left over?

We wouldn’t want you to miss out, and waste beer. We are able to offer a rental beer tap for you to take home with you. This will allow you to enjoy and leftovers in your own time.